VFILES X ARTIE hosted the first Artie Partie at The Public Hotel: House of X with performances by ASAP Ferg, Delly & DJ sets by Beabadoobee, The Black Star Kids, Memphy, Dylan Ali, Charlie Shuffler. The partnership between Artie and VFILES will bring innovation to the forefront of culture, incorporating tech, fashion, music, art, gaming, and everything in between.

During the party, Artie debuted its first collection of dynamic NFT collectibles. The collectibles, called Arties, are iconic characters created in collaboration with some of the world’s top artists. Each character features a unique personality stored on the blockchain. They are compatible with video games that can be played in popular mobile apps like Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and TikTok via Artie’s technology.

Thank you to everyone who partied with us! Join Artie’s discord to stay updated!

This AI Creates Custom Fashion | VFILES LAB001 Sessions

Chimera, created by Joshua Mudgett is an AI technology software that creates custom fashion pieces for the consumer – coming soon to the VFILES LAB001 SHOW – APRIL 9TH 2020 3PM EST.

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Tune In Tuesday ^_^ @ VFILES

TUNE IN TUESDAY🤟 is our way of showing you the best new music from the VFILES community! This week featuring: @chaseatlantic @official.leen @joeybadass @djscheme @bluedetiger follow our playlist link in story🔥

VFILES Foundation is the place to discover, collaborate, and create what’s next.

Enter our world: http://www.vfiles.org​

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BTS @ 12 Mercer with ACRES | VFILES LAB 001 Sessions

✨🚀BTS at 12 Mercer: VFILES LAB Sessions in progress with RaShaad Strong, ( @rxshxxd ) and his project, ACRES ✨🚀

‘ACRES, is like an e-commerce platform named after my grandmother’s street in North Carolina. It’s to help fund brands….it’s mainly Black owned brands & minority owned brands on the platform, cause that’s the most marginalised group and they need the most financial support.’

Keep your eyes out for the VFILES LAB show invite in the next few days ! 👀

ACRES is Powering the Black Dollar | VFILES LAB 001 Sessions

⭐️⭐️INSIDE THE VFILES LAB: 001 SESSIONS with Rashaad Strong and his project, ACRES, a global marketplace for developing communities & minority owned brands…..⭐️⭐️

‘ACRES®, is named after Ponderosa Acres Rd., Reidsville, North Carolina where @rxshxxd’s grandmother resided before she passed away from cancer.  During her lifetime, the American Tobacco Company’s factory was the central business in Reidsville’s “small town” economy and where both RaShaad’s grandparents retired. Later, American Tobacco abandoned ownership of their factory, leading to a starving town with no potential economic progress. 

This choice left what remained of a divided rural community, with little to no access to the larger American financial system, as a casualty of corporate interest. Inspired by these memories, ACRES® was created to provide a new way for businesses to interact with the communities they work within. 

💛Stay tuned for the VFILES LAB 001 SHOW end of March featuring Rashaad, and all of our LAB members 💛

Cakes Da Killa @ 12 Mercer

Cakes Da Killa was in the house!

Back @ our home 12 Mercer for a special interview with Cakes on his upcoming short ‘Visibility Sucks’ as part of the VFILES LAB show on March 31st!

Stay tuned for invites coming soon💅🏽