ACRES is Powering the Black Dollar | VFILES LAB 001 Sessions

⭐️⭐️INSIDE THE VFILES LAB: 001 SESSIONS with Rashaad Strong and his project, ACRES, a global marketplace for developing communities & minority owned brands…..⭐️⭐️

‘ACRES®, is named after Ponderosa Acres Rd., Reidsville, North Carolina where @rxshxxd’s grandmother resided before she passed away from cancer.  During her lifetime, the American Tobacco Company’s factory was the central business in Reidsville’s “small town” economy and where both RaShaad’s grandparents retired. Later, American Tobacco abandoned ownership of their factory, leading to a starving town with no potential economic progress. 

This choice left what remained of a divided rural community, with little to no access to the larger American financial system, as a casualty of corporate interest. Inspired by these memories, ACRES® was created to provide a new way for businesses to interact with the communities they work within. 

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