PROFET, Jaylin Kim & Nikolai Artemev, VFILES LAB Grant Recipients

Jaylin Kim and Nikolai Artemev (PROFET)

Jaylin Kim is a designer, currently living in Seoul, via Paris, Antwerp, and New York. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts–Antwerp, she went on to gain industry experience at Louis Vuitton Men’s, Proenza Schouler, and Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. She is also a graduate of Brown University (2013), holding a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History of Art and Architecture.
Nikolai Artemev is a fashion designer, from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He received his education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts–Antwerp, where he met PROFET co-founder, Jaylin. After graduation, Nikolai moved to New York where he combined an internship at Marc Jacobs with working on the idea of creating a brand with a “purpose”.

Quote: “PROFET is a fashion brand that integrates guided meditation content to declare the act of dressing up as a therapeutic experience. Started from our belief that clothing has the power to shape the wearer’s emotions, we wanted to use it to help people feel better. We’re passionate about the future of fashion and feel the responsibility one has as a creative of a visual culture that is ‘skin-close’ to the everyday lives of people. In fashion, we are sometimes left feeling ‘bad’ while only a small group feels ‘good’; we want to help people use the power of fashion to feel empowered. The VFILES Lab opportunity is so exciting for us, especially for the mentorship and incubation, to see our vision come to life in a way bigger than we thought possible.”