Bolor Amgalan & Boris Brésil – FABERIUM, VFILES LAB Grant Recipients

Introducing, FABERIUM, by Bolor Amgalan and Boris Brésil, our grant winners for VFILES LAB. ⚡️

💥Bolor Amgalan (@abolor ) is a creative technologist redefining ‘virtual materiality’ with her research spanning virtual reality, computer graphics and blockchain applications for the creative industries. Formerly trained in fashion design, Bolor is a graduate from the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons.
💥Boris Brésil ( @borisbresil ) is a fashion designer from New Caledonia, presently based in France. Growing up on a Pacific island informed his creative practice as he reinterprets cultural motifs from the prism of couture techniques.

✨Faberium is a tokenization platform and a curated marketplace proposing blockchain solutions to artisans, digital artists and luxury fashion. 

“My vision for Faberium is to leverage blockchain technology to ensure supply chain transparency and provide a sustainable source of income for artisans all around the world. VFILES Lab is our launchpad to kickstart this venture and I could not be more excited about this opportunity!”